We’ve presented our project proposal for ezsh! Let’s reflect on how it went!


In our last blog post, we talked about getting our feet on the ground with this project. We had our proposal written up and submitted it to the repo. So far, so good. All we had left to do for our project to get accepted was pass the presentation stage.

The Presentation 

Connor and I had our presentation on 19th November at 3pm in H206. Ray Walshe and Stephen Blott were the members of academic staff present during our presentation. We presented our project idea alogn with five other groups. We used these slides, which Connor made. We had practiced our presentation only a few times up to this point, but we were confident in what we were talking about.

We were the third group to present during that hour. We had five minutes to get our information across. While I felt we did a good job, I think too much time was spent listing off bullet points and that much more time could have been spent talking about the UI Mock Ups Connor made. We went slightly over time, but in actuality, this was not to our detriment at all.

Next up was the Q&A stage. This felt much more like a comments and thoughts section however. Very few, if any questions, were put to us about the idea. Ray remarked that delving into xterm, tty’s and pty’s is not needed and that it’s much simpler than we believe it to be. While this is the case, he feels there is a substansial project in ezsh, noting things such as autocompletion at the prompt and our browser concept as imperative and novel ideas respectively.

What’s Next? 

I have, in my spare time, been toying aroung with the ezsh prompt and explorer pane’s. More the prompt than the file explorer if I’m totally honest. Some things have been easier work out than others. In general I feel I’m learning a great deal about shell’s as I write one. No commit on what I’ve been working on just yet, I’m just toying with different ideas.

The next deliverable is the Functional Spec, which will be due on the 7/12/2018. We have a fair amount of time between now at then, but this is important as it is worth 10% of the overall grade. After that, we have the Christmas break, and with it, a chance to start the development of ezsh!